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When Jason Moore, an entrepreneur with a background in data, software, and fitness decided to apply his expertise to the body, he quickly discovers a powerful, but ironic truth: The most valuable piece of equipment in the world is his own.

He has developed a technology platform called Spren which uses device agnostic and camera sensing technology to deliver science-backed insights about the body.

He states, "You have this high dollar, incredibly expensive equipment where if it fails, it can literally kill people or waste millions or billions of dollars. Imagine how much effort gets put into preventive and predictive care of that equipment! Eventually, I came to realize the most valuable piece of equipment in the whole world is my own body. So why am I not spending the same level of preventive and predictive care on myself?"

Spren provides guidance and feedback on things like nutrition, inflammation, stress, exercise and recovery. They have been able to collect over 4 billion data points from 700,000 users, and is currently working with an audience of 30 million. The platform can also be private labeled and they are already working with other partners in the HALO space. Jason's ongoing goal is to continue to try to help people understand their body and aid them in making the right changes to improve their health and fitness.

In this episode, Jason and Pete discuss:

1. How Jason's background in oil & gas maintenance and prevention intersects with his current work in biometrics and health.

2. How Spren makes it easier for businesses to deliver science-backed insights about the body and has even helped some Olympic athletes win a gold medal!

3. How the platform provides personalized guidance to individuals without requiring them to use a specific device.

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