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J.Dennis Jean-Jacques is an experienced investor with over 20 years in finance. He is currently the CIO at Ocean Park Investments. His work is based on lessons from renowned figures such as Jeff Ubben, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett, and specializes in deep dive, fundamental investing and long-short equity investing.

Dennis and HALO Talks host Pete Moore make this a master class! This episode is a "must listen" for anyone in the HALO sector who wants a basic primer on types of investments, deal flow, private equity funds, hedge funds, and more. 

J.Dennis was inspired to pursue an investment career after Buffett's visit to his Harvard Business School class. He dedicated the next 20 years of his life to fundamental and long-short equity investments.  He eschews "trends," and . . . by following basic business fundamentals . . . is able to identify great opportunities in the public markets. He learned to find the best investments by understanding the deep reality of the businesses and avoiding fancy strategies for the sake of "style points." 

In that vein he states, "Investing is not like gymnastics - there's no style points! Your returns are returns, and if you can make it much simpler and get similar returns, the better you'll be."

In this episode, Pete and J. Dennis discuss:

1. How investors can wait for the right opportunities and still benefit from the market.
2. What some of the best ways are to determine an investor's circle of competence.
3. How investors can make sure their returns are not diminished by "style points."

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