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Growson Edwards is a software entrepreneur and founder of CIPIO.ai, a Community Commerce marketing platform that helps brands mobilize & monetize their brand communities. He has extensive experience in the SaaS space, having grown his last company to $100 million in revenue and sold it.

After meeting his two partners, they took on the challenge of building a Community Commerce Marketing Platform. A year later, he had close to 50 brands on his platform, including some of the biggest in the fitness industry. He was able to help them understand their followers better, as well as help influencers understand their own influence. His dedication to helping brands reach their goals has paid off, and he is now on a mission to elevate the lives of others.

"Influencer marketing" is a very loaded term, and (generally speaking) tends not to be thought of highly (for various reasons.) Growson dives into that headfirst in this marketing masterclass! He states, "People who buy followers. . .it's a real issue and a very common thing. And most people who buy followers actually don't realize that the majority, if not all of those followers are going to be bots, right? So they think it's a very innocent, 'Hey, I'm buying actual real people, real followers,' but you're not." 

He continues, "We take someone's audience and we segment it into four categories so we can understand if you have 10,000 followers, how many of 'em are real people? How many of 'em are what we call suspicious accounts? Which are those fake accounts, those bots? Everybody has a certain amount. Usually 10, 15% is normal. When it gets north of that, that probably means they're buying their followers. The third category, how many are mass followers, which are also real people, but they follow so many people that they're not gonna see your content on a regular basis. The fourth category is actually other influencers, which could be super powerful because there could be all kinds of like joint partnership opportunities between your community influencer and other influencers that follow them as well."

In this episode, Pete and Growson discuss: 

1. How can brands use their community for growth. 

2. What the Syndex score is, and how it can help you determine the effectiveness of a Brand Ambassador.

3. What strategies can be employed to maximize the success of a community influencer campaign.

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