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Mark Moyer is (clearly!) our long lost, Brother from Another Mother! He is the Founder and CEO of the Win Again Academy and the author of Win Again: Turn Athletic Success Into Business Success. He shares our desire to help provide athletes with the resources and connections they need to transition to a life outside of sports when that time comes. His ecosystem will help current and former athletes discover their identity beyond sports, develop the structure needed to succeed again, and receive the tips, strategies and actionable advice that allows them to WIN AGAIN and be elite in their next great career. 

Mark's expertise lies in connecting them to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. By leveraging their unique skills and abilities, he helps pave the way for countless athletes to excel in various entrepreneurial endeavors. His dedication to bridging the gap between sports and business makes Mark an invaluable resource for athletes seeking meaningful and fulfilling careers after retirement.

Transitioning Athletes into Post-Sports Careers
For many professional athletes, retiring from their sport means venturing into uncharted territory to find a new line of work. Often they possess transferable skills that could make them competitive candidates in various industries, such as adaptability, communication, performing under pressure, and tenacity. However, discovering these skills and knowing how to use them can be daunting without proper guidance. Moyer values the importance of establishing relationships between athletes and business professionals to ensure the successful transition of athletes into the workforce.

In this episode, Mark and Pete discuss: 

1. Discovering strategies that help ease the transition from sports to corporate life for athletes.
2. Uncovering the unique skills athletes can bring into the business world.
3. The importance of establishing connections between athletes and entrepreneurs.
4. Exploring the role of the HALO sector in addressing critical health concerns in society.
5. Stimulating pro-athlete investments in a wide array of industries.

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