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At the height of her career in Manhattan advertising, Francesca Sipma began to feel burnt out and unfulfilled. She had no idea this restlessness would eventually end up being the catalyst for an unexpected journey: Her discovery of an immensely powerful practice, one that would lead her to leave her career and start her own business, Mastry. Through this groundbreaking modality, she now works with top companies like Deloitte and Google to help empower employees to reach their highest potential. What transformative effect does this practice have? And why is it so revolutionary?

Through her extensive study over the years, Sipma became a breathwork expert, which can be thought of as an experiential therapy that helps break psychological patterns and release subconscious blocks. Francesca has since trained over 80 breathwork coaches worldwide and founded Mastry, a company that focuses on self-mastery and mental clarity. 

"Mastry allows you to tap into altered states of consciousness, expand different areas of your brain, and truly connect to your purpose," she states.

Breathwork and Mastery: Unlocking Mental Clarity and Creativity

Breathwork--as a general practice--is a powerful practice for unlocking mental clarity and creativity by enabling individuals to release their subconscious blocks and reprogram limiting beliefs. By engaging in breathwork sessions, people can achieve a heightened state of mental clarity, which allows them to explore new ideas, think more effectively, and enhance their decision-making skills.

This improved mental state is beneficial for professionals looking to boost productivity, collaboration, and empathy in the workplace. Mastry provides customized breathwork sessions that combine hypnosis and binaural beats to help individuals break psychological patterns and connect to their highest vision. Sipma's breathwork methods are designed to offer potent and tangible benefits in just one session, promoting an ongoing commitment to the practice for lasting positive change.

In this episode, Pete and Francesca discuss: 

  • Enhancing performance and mental clarity using breathwork techniques.
  • Discovering the synergy of hypnosis, binaural beats, and breathwork for personal development.
  • Improving corporate wellness outcomes with tailored session plans.
  • Utilizing data-tracking for noticeable mood betterment.
  • Pricing and future expansion projections in the industry.

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