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Carolyn and her husband Paul owned three private training facilities in Orange County, CA which catered mostly to higher level athletes. Nutrition was (obviously!) a significant part of that, and in 2013 they founded Balanced Habits™ as a way to bring scalable, personalized nutrition programming to the fitness industry.

"It became something we were known for. It carried us through the financial crisis and really is what put us on the map . . . Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, and for whatever reason, the industry wasn't embracing that and were kind of farming out nutrition somewhere else," Fetters states.  

She discusses how facilities around the country use their program to generate revenue, ways the program is being sold/implemented, tips on bringing nutrition into your club, how their program is managed, the necessity of proper messaging, and much more.

The fact is, "more people need to lose weight, than want to go to the gym," says Fetters and she's spot on. This is not something the industry can afford to ignore anymore or just 'hope' that members find something to do on their own.

Reach out now to the team at Balanced Habits to learn more about implementing this proven program at your facility. 

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