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Natacha Nelson's journey has been one of resilience and determination. In college, she faced the disappointment of not making any sports teams and struggled to find her identity as a mixed-race individual. Battling addiction, she eventually left. Not too shortly after, a moment of realization pushed her to make major changes. Working tirelessly in multiple restaurants, Natacha decided to return to a junior college to pursue her dream of going into the medical space. Starting with anatomy and physiology classes, she gradually worked her way up, eventually becoming a chiropractor and running her own business, specializing in working with athletes. Despite the challenges and setbacks, Natacha's unwavering spirit led her to achieve her goals and serve as a testament to the power of perseverance.

On making effective, lasting changes, Natasha approaches it in a unique way. She states, 'When it comes to whether it's food or exercise, most people say, 'okay, I'm going to give up all these foods' or 'exercise every day' or whatever . . . and they make it too big. When it comes to food for example, I always ask what is it that you can add into your diet (or lifestyle) first? Adding a fruit, a vegetable, more water, better sleep."

Some key moments: 

  • Struggle with identity, addiction, and determination lead to success.
  • Personal trajectory, triggers, partying, mental health acceptance.
  • Exercise used for stress relief and motivation.
  • Her 8-week course helps people recognize and address triggers.
  • Love learning, connecting, and communicating with others.
  • Freedom, entrepreneurship, trade-offs, flexibility, connection, balance.

A few key takeaways: 

  1. Natacha shares her journey of resilience and overcoming challenges. From struggling in college to getting into the medical field, to running her own business, her story highlights the power of determination and self-belief.
  2. The importance of sharing our stories and being open about our struggles is a recurring theme in this episode. Natacha discusses how she initially hesitated to share her full story with others but eventually became comfortable in her own skin. This allowed her to share experiences without any shame or embarrassment, which led to her writing a book and creating a course to help others.
  3. Natacha's course, "The Untamed Heart," is an eight-week program that can be done at one's own pace online. Additionally, she offers live sessions where participants can interact with her and other group members, providing a more intimate learning experience.
  4. The shift in societal attitudes towards mental health is also highlighted. Natacha points out that there is now more acceptance and understanding when it comes to discussing mental health issues, which creates an environment where people feel more comfortable seeking help and support.

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