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Steven Puri, along with his friend Ulf, embarked on a mission to address the growing problem of stress and overwhelm in today's (extremely) fast-paced world. Both experienced moments where they felt stressed out and unable to fully enjoy life, due to an almost overwhelming number of tasks to complete. (Sound familiar?) 

Determined to find a solution, they decided to harness the wisdom of experts who had written about stress management and turn it into a user-friendly app. Their app not only includes music and timers like other focus apps but also introduces the innovation of real-life coaches powered by artificial intelligence. Steven's passion for helping others lead more intentional and fulfilling lives drove him to develop this valuable tool.

On the work-life balance dilemma, Puri states, "If you just focus, you can knock out [most] work before lunch! And then the open question is, what will I do with the extra time? Do I want to go have human interactions I didn't have time for before? Those are the sort of good problems we want to create." 

Some key moments: 

  • Solving stress with free app and Ai-powered coaches.
  • Improving productivity and reducing anxiety using Ai.
  • Sleeping well and productive hours. Making unconventional choices.
  • Comparing their product to technical programs. Think about Microsoft Outlook and similar applications. How they are planning for mainstream adoption.
  • Stick with chosen path and not integrate with other APIs.
  • Education over marketing in the crowded market.

A few key takeaways:

  1. Steven introduces the Centered app as a solution to the problem of stress and distraction. It incorporates timers, music, and real-life coaches powered by Ai to help users stay focused and improve productivity. By providing personalized guidance and reminders, it aims to reduce anxiety and help users achieve their best work.
  2. Centered's Ai provides feedback, encouragement, and even challenges users to stay on track. It adapts to each user's preferences and helps them work at their optimal time, even suggests the most effective background music, and more!
  3. Positive Impact: Users have reported positive outcomes, including increased productivity, reduced anxiety, and a sense of accomplishment. The ability to compete and collaborate with others through productivity scores and group chats adds a gamified aspect to the app.
  4. Entrepreneurial Advice: Puri emphasizes the importance of understanding the pain points of the target audience and aligning values with potential partners to build a successful venture. He also highlights the need for risk tolerance, as entrepreneurship can be unpredictable and requires resilience.

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