Home » Episode #186: Lee Spieker, Railyard Fitness, Founder
"Kids who exercise up to an hour a day will do up to 40% better on tests in school," states Lee Spieker a 30+ year industry veteran. Lee has done it all! From everything to working for Weider in the early days, to selling Universal equipment (remember those?) to owning health clubs, to producing the well known Buns of Steel workouts, and eventually starting Railyard Fitness as well as the non-profit, 1 Hour A Day. This wide ranging discussion focuses on the critical importance of fitness for children . . . and (unfortunately) how we're failing as a country. Lee gives his thoughts on what can be done. . .everything from working with public education officials, to how parents can assist, to what vendors (and fitness facilities) can do is touched on. This is a must listen for anyone who wants to help (hopefully) reverse a dire issue in our country. 

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