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Recorded live at the 2021 IHRSA convention in Dallas, Brent has been in the HALO sector his entire career. With degrees in both exercise physiology and exercise science, he's served as the VP of Cooper Aerobic Center, (see Dr. Cooper's HALO Talks here,) owned TELOS Fitness Center, and is recently coming off of a fantastic job having served as the interim CEO of IHRSA prior to Liz Clark's appointment as the new CEO. (HALO Talks here.)

"Crisis breeds progress, inventiveness, and creativity," he states. "Clubs are recovering slowly, but well and will be healthier in the long term." Darden also heads up a few REX Roundtables and has his ear to the ground when it comes to what's going on granularly.

He chats about what they've been doing to help get the industry get through the pandemic, how clubs have learned to do more with less, thoughts on institutional capital, the increased advocacy efforts of IHRSA, the changing climate in DC around the HALO space, what needs to be done to keep momentum going, a bit about the NHFA, and more. This is an absolute must-listen for anyone in the sector! 

Click here to download transcript.  

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