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When Sam Miller, an industry outsider, took up the "minor" challenge of attempting to revolutionize strength testing and training, he ended up manufacturing a device unlike anything else currently available--something which helps unlocks previously inaccessible insights into physical strength--and launching him into a head-to-head battle for content against existing equipment makers.

Sam is the CEO and Founder of Proteus Motion, a revolutionary strength testing and training device that provides full body assessments in three minutes and unlocks new insights into physical strength and human performance. He got into the HALO sector after enduring years of physical therapy as a young kid. He took a mechanical concept his Dad initially invented at MIT and redesigned it, creating a revolutionary strength testing device that produces two times more muscle activation than a free weight or a cable machine.

Proteus is quickly becoming a standard for human performance, providing trainers with the data they need to diagnose issues, validate results and design highly customized training programs. The product is being used in 43 states, with a focus on sports performance and sports medicine. Customers range from 8-88 years old, with the product being used in retail locations and gyms.

Sam states, "There's a real market and appetite for quantifiable information, especially around human performance. There's a huge gap, though, in physical strength data. There are 24/7 wearables which have created a $30 billion sleep and recovery market, MRIs and X-rays have created a $60 billion MSK market, right? But physical strength? What are we doing to measure it? It's basically like, 'How much can you squat or bench?' That led me to the realiziation that we're evaluating this critical pillar of human performance in, basically, one dimension, which is kind of stunning to think about."

In this episode, Pete and Sam discuss: 

1. How is Proteus Motion is revolutionizing the strength training industry with their strength testing device and software products.

2. How their patented technology measures physical strength and power for every human movement.

3. How Proteus can empower trainers and potentially even help transform the physical therapy and sports medicine industries. 

If you're a decision maker at a facility where resistance training is taken seriously by your members, the Proteus is worth very strong consideration. 

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