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Adam Molda is a former college tennis player-turned-fitness entrepreneur from York, Main. He's the founder of Spark Fitness & Tennis Club and has a passion for creating communities and fostering relationships through the sport of tennis. Since COVID, America has seen 5 million new players come to the game and the opportunity to promote the sport is bigger than ever. He talks about transforming a big box facility into something with a more "boutique feel" with the overarching mission of building a heavily focused, tennis-based community.

On the operations side he states, "All our tennis is based around being social, being competitive, and just getting better. Our most popular tennis program is our own type of cadio tennis. I'm not a big fan of the 'traditional' cardio tennis, so we've created our own, and it's our most popular program. Starting Sunday morning for example, we have four courts and 32 people coming to do our version--Sparks version of cardio tennis. And then the next hour and a half, we have another 32. We're satisfying over 100 people in 3 hours on the court, and we do that throughout the week. What we're trying to do here is to create a community that's a fitness class, they're having fun, they're improving their skills, they're meeting new people, and they're getting fitter. We're checking all the boxes."

Adam goes on to discuss his background and how it has been a linchpin for his career journey. He talks about the importance of the team aspect of tennis, the social aspect, and the fitness part of it. He discusses the rebirth of tennis due to COVID and how it has given people a socially distant option to compete, connect, and learn life skills. Adam also talks about the importance of accountability and having the best people on your staff in order to help create a space that truly sets itself apart.

In this episode, Adam and Pete discuss: 

1. The "rebirth" of tennis in the age of COVID: How the sport adapted to the pandemic, and what it means for the future of the game.

2. Building a community through tennis: How the game can be utilized to foster relationships, and what life skills it can teach.

3. Utilizing data and technology to enhance the member experience: What software solutions are available to facilitate better connections with members, and how can they be implemented.

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