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With the noble goal of creating a calisthenics online brand to help others--especially those just starting out--Hampton Liu remains determined to maintain his freedom and authenticity while attempting to balance the challenges of growing his brand month over month. He is a certified personal trainer, passionate fitness enthusiast, and the founder of Hybrid Calisthenics, an online brand and community dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals.With just over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone, Hampton has made incredibly impressive strides in a very short time period.

He states, "I haven't redefined what success looks like. For me, it's just doing what I like and being happy and helping others be free and happy. That's so cliche. But I can't give another answer because it is true, which is why I've repeatedly chosen freedom, which is one of the parts of the brand sponsorship things over money and people having leverage over me. Another thing that early entrepreneurs have issues with . . . is they rapidly trade their freedom for some extra money and then they have to do all these other things while trying to keep the brand authentic. That's harder when you owe someone $500,000 and they're like, 'hey, you need to push this thing that we agreed on.'"

Liu has always been passionate about fitness, particularly martial arts and calisthenics and in 2020, he began recording his "blatherings" about calisthenics and posting them online. This quickly gained traction and connected him to a community of people that he could help. He learned to say no to offers that didn't align with his values and has continued refining his message and building his brand, all while staying true to his core ideology.

In this episode, you will learn:

1. How Hampton went from taking care of his mother 24/7 to building a successful online brand and community around calisthenics.
2. What the two things are that brick and mortar fitness club owners must be doing on social media.
3. How entrepreneurs can maximize their return on personal time, while remaining passionate and loving what they do.

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