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Jim Donnelly is the CEO and founder of Restore Hyper Wellness, a company focused on "making hyper wellness affordable and accessible for more people." He is a serial entrepreneur and a highly experienced leader with a passion for helping others. Six or seven years ago he found himself training for a triathlon and, after a friend suggested cryotherapy, he decided to try it out, but was unhappy with the experience-putting it mildly!

He thought he could do it better, and he certainly has! They began adding other medical modalities (they offer 10 currently), have 165 locations open, a corporate office with 200 employees, 700 more stores on a development schedule, and a $140 million dollar investment by General Atlantic partners to top it off! 

Part of their success stems from the fact that they've been very selective about their franchisees. They're continuing to aggressively expand with a new store opening every three to four days (as of this recording.)

He states, "We've created a national infrastructure. We do it better than anybody else. We manufacture our own equipment. We're super excited about our place as the leader in this space. And our mission is to make hyper wellness affordable and accessible for more people so they can do what they love to do . . . I'm a much, much better entrepreneur today because of all of those things, including some of the failures. And I would say my superpower is that I'm self aware, I'm pretty egoless and I love bringing in people to help me."

In this episode, Pete and Jim discuss: 

1. What strategies they used from the beginning to ensure they had the right franchisees in place.

2. What procedures they've implemented to help them become the leader in the hyper wellness category.

3. How partnering with a private equity firm allowed Restore to make targeted, strategic investments and help them "control their own destiny."

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