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Doug Young, currently the COO of Easalytics, faces the daunting task of leveraging technology and machine learning to help struggling fitness businesses maximize value from their existing members, and increase revenue retention - all while avoiding unintended consequences.

Doug is a Connecticut-based software and AI expert who has been in the tech industry since the late 90's. He has a background in ecommerce, SaaS, and ed tech, and has been in the HALO space for a bit over four years. He specializes in customer onboarding, product adoption, and using machine learning and AI to scale businesses.

Doug saw the potential of data-driven analytics in the space, but also quickly realized many people lacked the time (and knowledge) to make the most of it. With the help of machine learning, Doug was able to help business understand new opportunities and help drive value from members. The ability to discern member value (and potential member value) enabled clubs to be more proactive and prioritize their highest value customers. The Easalytics platform helps facilities become a bit more data-driven and make more informed decisions.

He states, "We can use data to make something better. And it's not going to require a lot of time, because one of the things that we work really hard with our product to do is make it easy to use. It doesn't require a lot of your time to get value from this."

In this episode, Pete and Doug discuss: 

1. How new technologies, such as machine learning and AI, are making data accessible more accessible (and actionable!) to businesses of all sizes.

2. How analytics and data can be used to increase revenue per customer, prioritize customer retention efforts, and derive greater value from customers.

3. How anomaly detection tools can be used to spot the unintended consequences of changes in pricing and customer acquisition.

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